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Class of 2020!

This moment is the culmination of years of hard work, passion and commitment. It is our honour and pleasure to celebrate your achievements here on our virtual graduation website. 

Congratulations for all your outstanding accomplishments Class of 2020!

Programs Studied
Courses Taken
Countries of Students

MCE Graduation Address - Santee Smith, Chancellor, McMaster University

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A Message from our Director, Dr. Lorraine Carter

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Congratulations on your graduation

I am delighted to share this significant event with you and those who have supported you along the way. Achieving one’s goals as an adult learner is a major accomplishment and those who journey with us are extraordinary people indeed.

As you go forward and bring your new knowledge and skills to the workplace and the world, please know that McMaster University Continuing Education is always here for you. You may want to return for further learning through a program or a professional development offering. In this time when work is changing rapidly and the world is becoming smaller through patterns of globalization, mobile technologies, and travel, being a lifelong learner is important.

A valuable way for you to stay in touch is through McMaster University’s alumni family. As a McMaster graduate, you have the opportunity to connect with thousands of other McMaster alumni. Visit to find exclusive events, offers, and news.

In closing, thank you for choosing McMaster Continuing Education and allowing us to be part of your personal and professional journey. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you and encourage you to enjoy today’s festivities and a special celebration of you.

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A message from Troy Hill, President McMaster Alumni Association

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List of Graduates

First NameLast NameProgram
LindaAbbottAddiction Studies Certificate
AmirAbdel-RahmanDiploma in Marketing
Sabthab DanishAhamed ShemeemApplied Clinical Research Certificate
TanveerAhmedApplied Clinical Research Certificate
NaveedAkhtarApplied Clinical Research Certificate
DamilolaAlabiDiploma in Human Resources Management
AyanAlasDiploma in Business Administration
HassanAlaycheCertificate in Business Administration
DanielAlaychehDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
MichelleAldersonDiploma in Human Resources Management
AlinaAlesuApplied Clinical Research Certificate
JanisAlexanderCertificate in Business Administration
MohamedAliCertificate in Big Data Analytics
AygyulerAlperDiploma in Human Resources Management
MarielAlzolaDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
SharonAmouyalDiploma in Accounting
VishalAnandCertificate in Big Data Analytics
BreanneAndersonCertificate in Web Design
Arsalan ArshadAnsariCertificate in Business Administration
Noor Ul AinAnsariCertificate in Web Design
AnnAntonApplied Clinical Research Certificate
TanyaAnwarDiploma in Business Administration
KimArblaster-LokoAddiction Studies Certificate
MoniqueArdizziCertificate in Big Data Analytics
BuffyArmourDiploma in Business Administration
KazeemArogundadeApplied Clinical Research Certificate
MamtaAroraApplied Clinical Research Certificate
AmberArshadDiploma in Human Resources Management
MichelleArtmanDiploma in Human Resources Management
PaulaArutaDiploma in Business Administration
AishaAshrafApplied Clinical Research Certificate
RahmaAshrafDiploma in Human Resources Management
MohammedAssiriDiploma in Marketing with a Concentration in Digital Marketing
GeorgiosAvgerinosAddictions Careworker Diploma
JaredAytonProfessional Addiction Studies Certificate
EmadAzhariApplied Clinical Research Certificate
KristinaBabiakovaApplied Clinical Research Certificate
MadelynBaconApplied Clinical Research Certificate
AhmedBadranDiploma in Business Administration
RyanBakerDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Management
TavaneBakerDiploma in Human Resources Management
JahongirBakhrievDiploma in Accounting
GrahamBaneroDiploma in Accounting
InaBanionieneProfessional Addiction Studies Certificate
ManmeetBanwaitCertificate in Big Data Analytics
ManmeetBanwaitFoundations of Analytics Certificate (BI, Data Analytics and Data Science)
WendyBarendregtDiploma in Accounting
GagandeepBassanApplied Clinical Research Certificate
GabrielleBeauregard-ChauvinDiploma in Human Resources Management
RoxaneBelangerDiploma in Marketing
CarolleBellDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
DavinaBenjaminDiploma in Human Resources Management
DanielBennettDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
BreanneBiczDiploma in Human Resources Management
YashpreetBirdiDiploma in Human Resources Management
AmaniBItenyoCertificate in Digital Marketing
KimberleyBlackwoodApplied Clinical Research Certificate
RobertBlaguskiDiploma in Business Administration
AlexisBlowesDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
JuliaBlushakAddiction Studies Certificate
DouglasBorowskiAddiction Studies Certificate
ShivanginiBougramDiploma in Human Resources Management
SamanthaBoumeesterProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
DonnaBourassaDiploma in Human Resources Management
SaraBoyntonCertificate in Digital Marketing
KarenBrant-TaylorDiploma in Human Resources Management
SimranjeetBrarApplied Clinical Research Certificate
JacquelineBrayleyDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
MeghanBreckonProfessional Addiction Studies Certificate
DennisBreenCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
BarbaraBrennaDiploma in Human Resources Management
KeriBrownriggDiploma in Marketing
LoriBrownsonAddiction Studies Certificate
DavidBruderDiploma in Human Resources Management
MarekBrzozowskiCertificate in Big Data Analytics
ShellahBudyFoundations of Analytics Certificate (BI, Data Analytics and Data Science)
SuzieBurbadgeAddictions Careworker Diploma
SandraBurelliDiploma in Human Resources Management
JoshuaBurrDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
DonaldBurtCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
SophieButlerProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
CarmelaCampbellDiploma in Human Resources Management
JaclynCampbellDiploma in Human Resources Management
RachelCanavanDiploma in Marketing
SpencerCaneCertificate in Web Design
MatthewCantelonDiploma in Human Resources Management
AlainCarlsonApplied Clinical Research Certificate
MatthewCarsonDiploma in Marketing
KaylaCartlidgeDiploma in Human Resources Management
JulianCassanoCertificate in Big Data Analytics
MicalaCassanoDiploma in Human Resources Management
Eric JohnCastroDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Creative, Critial and Design Thinking
MichelleCausierDiploma in Human Resources Management
AriesCentenoDiploma in Health Informatics
NatashaChambersDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
JenniferChanCertificate in Digital Marketing
QasimChaudhryDiploma in Human Resources Management
SaraChemseddineDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
Anne MarieChiazzeseDiploma in Human Resources Management
Hyun SooChoiCertificate in Big Data Analytics
JocelynClarkeCertificate in Web Design
JocelynClemensProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
SeanClipstonDiploma in Business Administration
CarolCoburnDiploma in Human Resources Management
TaylorCoffinDiploma in Marketing
AimeeCollet-DucharmeCertificate in Web Design
EstherColliverAddiction Studies Certificate
StevenColluraDiploma in Human Resources Management
KathyConnorDiploma in Human Resources Management
BrookeCoombsDiploma in Human Resources Management
EmilyCorneliusApplied Clinical Research Certificate
FeliciaCosmaDiploma in Accounting
CamilleCoulombeCertificate in Digital Marketing
WilliamCourchainCertificate in Business Administration
MelissaCowieDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
SamanthaCrockerAddiction Studies Certificate
ChaseCrowderDiploma in Business Administration
RicaCserei-CostaApplied Clinical Research Certificate
BrittanyCurrieDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
AnaDa SilvaDiploma in Business Administration
ClaraDangDiploma in Human Resources Management
SilviaDanielsCertificate in Big Data Analytics
VictoriaDarminaApplied Clinical Research Certificate
PalaviDaveDiploma in Human Resources Management
ChrisDavisAddictions Careworker Diploma
KaseanDavis - ReynoldsDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
AnthonyDe CrescenzoCertificate in Big Data Analytics
ManishaDebApplied Clinical Research Certificate
CarlosDelcristoCertificate in Big Data Analytics
LinaDella MoraDiploma in Business Administration
TonyaDembickiAddiction Studies Certificate
MelissaDenrocheDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
PaulDevineDiploma in Accounting
SofiaDhasatsangDiploma in Business Administration
SimranDhillonDiploma in Human Resources Management
DanielDhugaDiploma in Accounting
LoriDi CastriDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Creative, Critial and Design Thinking
EfrenDimayugaDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
NarinDipsighnCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
AlannaDomaoangApplied Clinical Research Certificate
VanessaDonatoDiploma in Accounting
MartaDonderApplied Clinical Research Certificate
EricaDonnerDiploma in Marketing with a Concentration in Digital Marketing
ChristineDrewApplied Clinical Research Certificate
RachelDuffinDiploma in Human Resources Management
AmraDurakovicDiploma in Marketing with a Concentration in Digital Marketing
AprilEhlerDiploma in Accounting
RehamEl AskaryAddictions Careworker Diploma
JenessaElliottDiploma in Human Resources Management
AmyEllisDiploma in Human Resources Management
LorneEmeryDiploma in Business Administration
RobynEngDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
JohnEngelbrechtDiploma in Accounting
HalukErhanCertificate in Big Data Analytics
AliEsmaeiliApplied Clinical Research Certificate
LauraEvansApplied Clinical Research Certificate
KanwalFahadApplied Clinical Research Certificate
AhmadFakihDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Project Management
MariaFarazApplied Clinical Research Certificate
RedaFarrukhDiploma in Business Administration
AnnaFarysejDiploma in Human Resources Management
RoccoFazzolariDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
FrancineFinklerCertificate in Digital Marketing
MeaganFinucciDiploma in Human Resources Management
AdrielFirtandiApplied Clinical Research Certificate
ReginaFoiseyDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Creative, Critial and Design Thinking
AlessiaForestieriDiploma in Health Informatics
RebeccaForrestDiploma in Human Resources Management
NatashaFosterDiploma in Human Resources Management
ComeFournierDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Management
Jessie-AnneFournierDiploma in Accounting
DianaFournouzlianDiploma in Human Resources Management
KerriFrancellaDiploma in Human Resources Management
AnthonyFraserDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Management
TylerFrenchCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
KatharineGadawskiDiploma in Human Resources Management
LaraGallagherDiploma in Human Resources Management
MariaGardanisDiploma in Human Resources Management
TessaGentlemanDiploma in Human Resources Management
LisaGenzer WheelerDiploma in Accounting
CarolGerritsenDiploma in Human Resources Management
AfshanGhafoorApplied Clinical Research Certificate
MaraGiardiniDiploma In Marketing
NathaliaGibbsDiploma in Accounting
RyanGicanteDiploma in Human Resources Management
ParamjotGillApplied Clinical Research Certificate
RosemaryGillespieAddiction Studies Certificate
DebbieGilliesCertificate in Health Informatics
SuadGodaxDiploma in Human Resources Management
JaneGolfDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Creative, Critial and Design Thinking
VictorGonzalezDiploma in Business Administration
JulieGordonCertificate in Marketing
ThomasGordonAddictions Careworker Diploma
RenataGorencFoundations of Analytics Certificate (BI, Data Analytics and Data Science)
RouniGorgeesCertificate in Web Design
BhumikaGoswamiDiploma in Business Administration
ChristianGriemertCertificate in Marketing
AnnunziatinaGuaglianoDiploma in Human Resources Management
FabianGuerraDiploma in Accounting
TammyGuerrieroCertificate in Canadian Payroll Management
MarylroseGundayaoApplied Clinical Research Certificate
BarisGundogduCertificate in Big Data Analytics
IsraelGuzman NietoDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
VaishnaviHagaldivteCertificate in Big Data Analytics
StevenHaleDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
AngelaHallDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
AbdulHamidApplied Clinical Research Certificate
ChristineHamlynDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
GerritHammondDiploma in Human Resources Management
Chang YongHanDiploma in Accounting
ShannonHanleyDiploma in Human Resources Management
ValentinaHanzek McManusDiploma in Human Resources Management
NadiaHasnatApplied Clinical Research Certificate
AndreaHaydenAddiction Studies Certificate
EricHeardDiploma in Business Administration
SumandeepHeirDiploma in Accounting
KaylaHeltDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
AmyHendersonCertificate in Advanced Accounting
MarilynHendricksDiploma in Human Resources Management
OneilHenryCertificate in Big Data Analytics
KevinHodgesAddictions Careworker Diploma
StephanieHolkoCertificate in Big Data Analytics
DarrenHopfaufDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Managament
BrookeHornerDiploma in Marketing
MarikoHoule-HebertCertificate in Digital Marketing
AshkanHoushmandCertificate in Big Data Analytics
LeslieHowardDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
JamesHoweCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
KeHuDiploma in Business Administration
YanfeiHuDiploma in Marketing
WeiHuangCertificate in Big Data Analytics
FrancisHuckCertificate in Big Data Analytics
LauraHynesCertificate in Business Administration
NeelamIftikharDiploma in Human Resources Management
FarahImdad AliApplied Clinical Research Certificate
AliyahImranDiploma in Accounting
MariaIordacheDiploma in Business Administration
HinaIqbalApplied Clinical Research Certificate
NerissaIsipDiploma in Marketing
ChloeJadonCertificate in Big Data Analytics
MahshidJafariCertificate in Web Design
NighatJahanApplied Clinical Research Certificate
SadafJahangeerApplied Clinical Research Certificate
MichelleJakobiCertificate in Business Administration
MohamadJandaghiCertificate in Business Administration
MohamadJandaghiDiploma in Business Administration
SubhoJavedDiploma in Accounting
LucieJeffersDiploma in Human Resources Management
HarshidaJegadeesh ChandarCertificate in Big Data Analytics
CielesteJervisDiploma in Human Resources Management
NatashaJervisDiploma in Business Administration
SimritJhajjApplied Clinical Research Certificate
HarleenJhingerApplied Clinical Research Certificate
HarleenJhingerCertificate in Canadian Health Care
YeonhuiJiCertificate in Web Design
RobertoJimenezCertificate in Big Data Analytics
JeremyJinksDiploma in Business Administration
JoshuaJohnsonDiploma in Marketing
ChieJonesDiploma in Accounting
ChristopherJuneDiploma in Business Administration
NikitaKalsiDiploma in Human Resources Management
AllenKanghaCertificate in Digital Marketing
JoanneKapteynAddiction Studies Certificate
SeyedKarimzadApplied Clinical Research Certificate
GarimaKaulCertificate in Big Data Analytics
SimratpreetKaurApplied Clinical Research Certificate
UpinderjitKaurDiploma in Human Resources Management
NoorKausimDiploma in Business Administration
GeoffreyKavanaghDiploma in Business Administration
SamanthaKearnsDiploma in Human Resources Management
DieudonneeKengaDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
NicolaKentCertificate in Web Design
MelissaKeorhadjianDiploma in Human Resources Management
KristelKernaghanCertificate in Digital Marketing
IrhaKhalidApplied Clinical Research Certificate
Bibi NazaleneKhanDiploma in Human Resources Management
NooraKhanApplied Clinical Research Certificate
ViqarKhanAddictions Careworker Diploma
SaadiaKhanumApplied Clinical Research Certificate
TatianaKhayrullinaCertificate in Big Data Analytics
OlgaKhudoyarovaCertificate in Big Data Analytics
OmarKhwajaCertificate in Big Data Analytics
NatashaKingCertificate in Business Administration
JacksonKnoxDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Management
Lois-AnnKoharDiploma in Human Resources Management
OlusolaKola-JohnDiploma in Human Resources Management
KarenKollinsCertificate in Business Administration
RebeccaKornelDiploma in Human Resources Management
KaylaKowalskyCertificate in Marketing
AdhithyaKrishnanDiploma in Business Administration
NebojsaKukuljCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
CaitlynKulchyskyApplied Clinical Research Certificate
KamaliKulmagambetovCertificate in Big Data Analytics
BinduKumarCertificate in Big Data Analytics
CristiKurtzDiploma in Business Administration
SherlyKyorkisCertificate in Digital Marketing
SimarjitLabanaDiploma in Human Resources Management
AdamLaChapelleDiploma in Health Informatics
DarrenLamoureuxDiploma in Human Resources Management
ErssyLampa-TeolisDiploma in Accounting
EmmaLandryProfessional Addiction Studies Certificate
DewiLatiefDiploma in Human Resources Management
BilalLatifCertificate in Big Data Analytics
Ka Yan HamornLauDiploma in Human Resources Management
CurtisLazarDiploma in Human Resources Management
OlayinkaLebileCertificate in Big Data Analytics
StaceyLeblancDiploma in Human Resources Management
ChristopherLeeCertificate in Web Design
JeongseonLeeCertificate in Big Data Analytics
KianaLeeDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
Jamie-LynnLehaneDiploma in Accounting
JefferyLepineDiploma in Accounting
NatrichaLevy McFarlaneApplied Clinical Research Certificate
PaulLianiCertificate in Web Design
XiaLiuApplied Clinical Research Certificate
ViniciusLodiDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
MarkLokananCertificate in Advanced Accounting
LexiLombardiDiploma in Marketing
DannyLovoDiploma in Human Resources Management
RobertLukezicDiploma in Human Resources Management
CaileeLundyApplied Clinical Research Certificate
LisaMacDonaldDiploma in Human Resources Management
CindyMacEwenDiploma in Human Resources Management
KrystaMacKenzieDiploma in Human Resources Management
GregMacKinCertificate in Web Design
MatthewMacKinnonDiploma in Accounting
MelissaMacNeilApplied Clinical Research Certificate
ShaneMacWhirterDiploma in Marketing
MarlemMagana NungarayDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Managament
NathalieMajor EarlApplied Clinical Research Certificate
MunaMakhtalDiploma in Accounting
GastonMancaDiploma in Business Administration
EknoorMannCertificate in Business Administration
LizMarin LopezDiploma in Business Administration
PhaedraMarshCertificate in Digital Marketing
SheriseMarshallDiploma in Human Resources Management
ChristopherMartinAddiction Studies Certificate
MelanieMartinDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
SonyaMartinDiploma in Business Administration
HilaryMartindaleDiploma in Human Resources Management
SarahMarttinenDiploma in Human Resources Management
TimothyMastermanDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Managament
JenniferMatchettDiploma in Human Resources Management
ElizaMathewDiploma in Human Resources Management
TanyaMatthewsDiploma in Marketing
SarahMattinsonDiploma in Human Resources Management
JennaMcCarthyApplied Clinical Research Certificate
SachaMcCollumDiploma in Human Resources Management
AminaMcDermottProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
SamanthaMcFaddenDiploma in Marketing with a Concentration in Digital Marketing
TessaMcFadzeanDiploma in Business Administration
JenniferMcIntee-LeinweberAddiction Studies Certificate
JenniferMcKieCertificate in Digital Marketing
DarcyMcKintyDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
DaviaMcLennonDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
TriciaMcMahonPayroll Compliance Practitioner Certificate
KathleenMcNicholasProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
KevinMcTigueCertificate in Digital Marketing
SarahMehargAddictions Careworker Diploma
YeimyMejia-AvelarMusic Performance Diploma
SheharzadMemonDiploma in Accounting
DanielaMenegazzoDiploma in Human Resources Management
SilleMikkelsen-McGurieDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance
MilanaMilisicDiploma in Human Resources Management
DerrickMillerAddictions Careworker Diploma
PeterMillerProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
Anna MariaMillsCertificate in Digital Marketing
MartinaMisicDiploma in Human Resources Management
KristineMitchellDiploma in Human Resources Management
JessicaMoffitDiploma in Human Resources Management
MichelleMohanApplied Clinical Research Certificate
JustinMonaco-BarnesDiploma in Marketing with a Concentration in Digital Marketing
RondaMonahanProfessional Addiction Studies Certificate
JosephMonkhouseProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
DeborahMontgomeryAddictions Careworker Diploma
JeffMooreDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Managament
MatthewMoralesDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
AlysshaMorawskiDiploma in Marketing with a Concentration in Digital Marketing
AnaMorenoDiploma in Human Resources Management
AngelaMoressaDiploma in Human Resources Management
JenniferMorrisDiploma in Accounting
SamanthaMotaDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
DebraMullan LaingAddictions Careworker Diploma
AlexanderMummeryCertificate in Business Administration
BakhtMuneerProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
JerrodMurdockDiploma in Business Administration
FareezaMustafaApplied Clinical Research Certificate
NishaMuthuthambyDiploma in Human Resources Management
MarissaMyersApplied Clinical Research Certificate
DerekMykeDiploma in Marketing
KartheekNagelliCertificate in Big Data Analytics
SeanNairnCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
AashimaNanraDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
RishiNaraleDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
TaraNealDiploma in Human Resources Management
PaulNewcombeAddictions Careworker Diploma
AnthonyNguyenDiploma in Marketing with a Concentration in Digital Marketing
KhalidNiazApplied Clinical Research Certificate
JacquilynNicomedezDiploma in Health Information Management
RalicaNikolovaDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
HeidiNobleDiploma in Business Administration
Anne-ElisabethNoppensDiploma in Business Administration
SaharNouriCertificate in Big Data Analytics
AlexanderNykampDiploma in Business Administration
KathrynO'ConnellAddiction Studies Certificate
OmolaraOduwoleApplied Clinical Research Certificate
IfeyinwaOgbonnaAddictions Careworker Diploma
ChiomaOjiakoApplied Clinical Research Certificate
ManuelOlondrizDiploma in Human Resources Management
NathanielOmorukuCertificate in Advanced Accounting
MihaelaOncelCertificate in Web Design
AudreyOnughaDiploma in Human Resources Management
KarenOrmanCertificate in Canadian Health Care
ChukwumelaOsahDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
ScottOsatchukDiploma in Accounting
OluwasayoOsonaikeFoundations of Analytics Certificate (BI, Data Analytics and Data Science)
TaraOuelletteProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
PinarOvaliCertificate in Web Design
SabinePaagmanCertificate in Marketing
AleksaPahapillDiploma in Human Resources Management
PaulPajuluomaDiploma in Business Administration
ChristopherPakkianathenDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
JamesPalmieriFoundations of Analytics Certificate (BI, Data Analytics and Data Science)
MonicaPansarellaDiploma in Human Resources Management
LeahPapadopoylosDiploma in Business Administration
AshleighParkhillDiploma in Human Resources Management
AprilParrishDiploma in Health Informatics
JamesPatonCertificate in Web Design
Maria TeresaPatriaApplied Clinical Research Certificate
RenéPérez RamírezApplied Clinical Research Certificate
PraveenPerinpanathanCertificate in Canadian Health Care
TatjanaPetkovicDiploma in Accounting
AnniePétrinDiploma in Human Resources Management
AndréePichurDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Business Analysis
JasonPickDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Managament
KatiePoissantCertificate in Business Administration
LiubovPolishchukCertificate in Advanced Accounting
KathrinPopovicApplied Clinical Research Certificate
AlishaPopowichCertificate in Web Design
KendallPorterProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
AndrewPospisilCertificate in Web Design
MollyPottruffCertificate in Big Data Analytics
LindsayPoultonDiploma in Accounting
KrystalPowerDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
JavedPradhanDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
ChloePridhamDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
SujohnProdhanApplied Clinical Research Certificate
JamesProtzDiploma in Health Informatics
BrendanProuseDiploma in Accounting
ChristinaPuleoApplied Clinical Research Certificate
HaoyueQinDiploma in Business Administration
RobertQuagliaCertificate in Big Data Analytics
BraelynQuayDiploma in Business Administration
NancyQuennevilleCertificate in Business Administration
JoseRabolliDiploma in Business Administration
RamyRaflaApplied Clinical Research Certificate
KassimRagheaApplied Clinical Research Certificate
MeeraRagunathanCertificate in Big Data Analytics
ThiyagarajanRajaCertificate in Big Data Analytics
ThiyagarajanRajaCertificate in Business Administration
DanielRaleighCertificate in Web Design and Development
BibiRamnauthCertificate in Digital Marketing
MazenRashidDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
JericaRaymondCertificate in Web Design
JamieReadDiploma in Human Resources Management
EvgenyRedjebovCertificate in Digital Marketing
MatthewReeveDiploma in Human Resources Management
DanielleRegisDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
NicoleReidDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
NatalieReillyAddictions Careworker Diploma
KassidyRideoutApplied Clinical Research Certificate
PaulRobertsonDiploma in Accounting
DanielRobinsonDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance
JoelleRobitailleDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
TerryRochaCertificate in Business Administration
HumbertoRodriguezCertificate in Business Administration
JuanRodriguezCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
ChadRoglichDiploma in Business Administration
TanyaRolleDiploma in Human Resources Management
AfsheenRoomiApplied Clinical Research Certificate
ShaniqueRoseCertificate in Big Data Analytics
HeatherRosevearDiploma in Human Resources Management
MireleRoswDiploma in Human Resources Management
AimeeRoyCertificate in Digital Marketing
EmilyRushtonAddictions Careworker Diploma
AliciaRussellDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
MalkiatSainiDiploma in Health Informatics
ShereenSalmanApplied Clinical Research Certificate
ZinaSalmanApplied Clinical Research Certificate
ChristopherSampsonCertificate in Web Design
AnupSamuelCertificate in Big Data Analytics
AnalindaSanchez MorenoCertificate in Big Data Analytics
DonatoSandersDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
CourtneySantinDiploma in Human Resources Management
JoryScharfCertificate in Web Design
ChristieSchulzeDiploma in Human Resources Management
RobertSenecalCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
LeannaSeniaDiploma in Human Resources Management
HebaShahidCertificate in Big Data Analytics
BhavikSharmaDiploma in Marketing
TanujSharmaProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
MichelleSheddenDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
TaufiqueSiddiquiApplied Clinical Research Certificate
SabrinaSidhuDiploma in Human Resources Management
SonamSidhuDiploma in Accounting
AdamSiefertDiploma in Accounting
RachelSimmsCertificate in Web Design
AmarisSinghDiploma in Business Administration
JapramSinghDiploma in Business Administration
SoniaSinghDiploma in Human Resources Management
TaramateeSinghDiploma in Human Resources Management
NavamathanSivanandanDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
PrashanthSivarajahDiploma in Human Resources Management
AndrewSmithDiploma in Accounting
BrittanySmithCertificate in Web Design
ShawnSmithDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Managament
SydneySmithDiploma in Human Resources Management
WayneSmithDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Creative, Critial and Design Thinking
MillicentSmith-DarvilleDiploma in Human Resources Management
JeffreySmrckaDiploma in Business Administration
ErinSmythAddictions Careworker Diploma
JohnSmythAddictions Careworker Diploma
JessicaSodhiProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
MarySooleyDiploma in Health Informatics
CleliaSosaDiploma in Human Resources Management
DanikaSoucyDiploma in Marketing
NatalieSperaDiploma in Human Resources Management
SabrinaSpoonerDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
MarleySteinwandtDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance
StefanieStickwoodDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
DianeStrangCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
OliviaStratfordDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance
ColinStratychukDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Business Analysis
PatriciaStromanAddictions Careworker Diploma
HeidiStubbeAddictions Careworker Diploma
MarcelloSukhdeoDiploma in Marketing
RaziaSultanaApplied Clinical Research Certificate
RebeccaSummersDiploma in Human Resources Management
SabinSunnyDiploma in Human Resources Management
ShivaliSuriApplied Clinical Research Certificate
GeorgeSwanikerCertificate in Digital Marketing
PeterSweeneyDiploma in Accounting
AmnaSyedDiploma in Business Administration
ShaunaSzendreyApplied Clinical Research Certificate
AliaTahaDiploma in Human Resources Management
SarahTawadrosApplied Clinical Research Certificate
NeemaThaliathApplied Clinical Research Certificate
CamanThieuDiploma in Marketing
Levi-JonasThondeeDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
StephanieThúy Quỳnh An    Music Performance Diploma
AndreaTimkoDiploma in Human Resources Management
JessicaTinocoCertificate in Business Administration
GurtejTiwanaCertificate in Web Design
JoshuaTokarzCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
JoshuaTombranCertificate in Digital Marketing
ShaneTooheyDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
HamdanToomehApplied Clinical Research Certificate
BichTrieuCertificate in Advanced Accounting
ShelleyTrudeauDiploma in Human Resources Management
EmmanouilTsirogiannisDiploma in Business of Golf and Resort Managament
Ann-MarieTurnerDiploma in Human Resources Management
DanielTurnerCertificate in Big Data Analytics
MaggieTurnerDiploma in Accounting
ShannonTyliszczakCertificate in Big Data Analytics
JoleneVan Den BruelCertificate in Digital Marketing
WilliamVan OmmenDiploma in Human Resources Management
RiannaVandehoefDiploma in Accounting
MeganVeleyDiploma in Business Administration
RamakrishnanVenkataramanDiploma in Health Informatics
TracyVennardDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
BikramVirdiCertificate in Big Data Analytics
GurmanVirkDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
ManreetVirkDiploma in Human Resources Management
LeahVirrCertificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
TetianaVolvakhApplied Clinical Research Certificate
JulieVosDiploma in Accounting
EllieVoutsinasDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
Eh Taw BoeWaiCertificate in Web Design
KentWalshDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management
BurtonWardProfessional Addiction Studies Diploma
KrystynaWasylnchukDiploma in Human Resources Management
GlennWattDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Project Management
TinaWattDiploma in Business Administration
DerekWattsDiploma in Accounting
JolantaWeaverCertificate in Advanced Accounting
CoryWebbCertificate in Business Administration
DeniseWedgeDiploma in Human Resources Management
AdaWehlendCertificate in Advanced Accounting
AimeeWeippertDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
JessicaWelchDiploma in Human Resources Management
ChristinaWestawayDiploma in Health Informatics
ErinWhiteDiploma in Human Resources Management
KerriWhiteduck LéveilléeApplied Clinical Research Certificate
MatthewWhiteheadDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
BrodyWignallDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
KristaWilken-JonesDiploma in Human Resources Management
LisaWilletDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources
CharissaWilliamsDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
CraigWilliamsDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management
ElizabethWilliamsDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing
JodiWilliamsDiploma in Human Resources Management
LashaenaWilliamsAddiction Studies Diploma
BrendaWilsonCertificate in Web Design
CoreyWilsonAddictions Careworker Diploma
SvetaWithrowDiploma in Human Resources Management
StephanieWongCertificate in Big Data Analytics
RobinWoodDiploma in Business Administration
AprilWoodsAddictions Careworker Diploma
ArnettWoosenDiploma in Accounting
JianpingWuDiploma in Accounting
GiuseppeXaminDiploma in Human Resources Management
LiXinApplied Clinical Research Certificate
XiumeiYangCertificate in Big Data Analytics
ManalYassineDiploma in Human Resources Management
RebeccaYatesDiploma in Human Resources Management
JanetteYoungDiploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Business Analysis
Sherri LynnZaal-murrayAddictions Careworker Diploma
BeenishZeeshanCertificate in Big Data Analytics
PengbinZhangDiploma in Business Administration
YuZhangCertificate in Big Data Analytics
ZhiyuanZhangDiploma in Human Resources Management
JiananZhouCertificate in Big Data Analytics
DarleneZidarAddiction Studies Certificate

Recipients of Awards of Academic Excellence in Certificate and Diploma Programs

We wish to acknowledge the students listed below for outstanding academic performance throughout their programs of study. Appreciation is expressed to the McMaster Association of Part-time Students (MAPS) and ArcelorMittal Dofasco for their generosity in making these awards possible.

Certificate in Advanced Accounting: Bich Le Trieu

Diploma in Accounting: Matthew MacKinnon

Certificate in Big Data Analytics: Marek Brzozowski

Foundations of Analytics Certificate (BI, Data Analytics and Data Science): James Palmieri

Certificate in Business Administration: Karen Kollins

Diploma in Business Administration: Kayla Helt

Diploma in Business of Golf and Resort Management: Shawn Smith

Diploma in Human Resources Management: Upinderjit Kaur

Certificate in Canadian Payroll Management: Tammy Guerriero

Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certificate: Tricia McMahon

Certificate in Digital Marketing: Kristel Kernaghan

Certificate in Marketing: Sabine Paagman

Diploma in Marketing: Marcello Sukhdeo

Certificate in Web Design: Mihaela Oncel

Addiction Careworker Diploma: Chris Davis

Addiction Studies Certificate: Andrea Hayden

Professional Addiction Studies Certificate: Meghan Breckon

Professional Addiction Studies Diploma: Burton Ward

Applied Clinical Research Certificate: Natricha Levy McFarlane

Certificate in Health Informatics: Debbie Gillies

Diploma in Health Informatics: Adam LaChapelle

Applied Clinical Research Certificate: Alain Carlson

Professional Addiction Studies Diploma: Samantha Boumeester

Certificate in Metallurgy of Iron and Steel: James Howe

Recipients of Awards of Special Recognition

McMaster University Continuing Education and McMaster Association of Part-Time Students (MAPS) are committed to promoting academic excellence. We wish to acknowledge the following students for outstanding academic performance throughout their program of study.

Trish Trenter​

Trish Trenter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western University, and has worked in the fields of marketing, public relations, employment services, and education for over 18 years. As a Director, Recruitment & Partnerships with Contact North|Contact Nord, she supervises a team of recruitment and student support professionals in five territories across Southwestern Ontario, develops new community-based partnerships to support students, and serves as institutional liaison for 12 public colleges and universities in Ontario. Trish is passionate about Contact North|Contact Nord’s work in supporting access to online programs and courses for underserved Ontarians and
helping them to achieve a degree, diploma, certificate, and/or other upgrading opportunities.

Since 2010, Trish has worked closely with McMaster Continuing Education (MCE), developing strong relationships with the team and serving as an enthusiastic advocate of our programs. Many MCE staff have heard about the ‘coin toss’ Trish made when, at age 18, she had to choose between McMaster and Western. Western may have won the coin toss then but Trish’s heart brought her back to McMaster University in 2010, and we couldn’t be happier. In every way, she is a champion of lifelong learning and a tireless advocate and supporter of learners across Ontario.

In closing, it is MCE’s distinct pleasure to award this year’s Appreciation Award to Trish Trenter. Trish embodies all of the positive goals of online and distributed learning as enablers of education and better lives, and it is our pleasure to work closely with Trish on many initiatives.

Trish Trenter
Trish Trenter

Donna Thomson

Donna Thomson is a caregiver, advocate, and author. She has worked with McMaster Continuing Education’s no-cost, open access, online course called Caregiving Essentials since 2019, providing facilitation expertise and building resources and partnerships. In her work as a facilitator and instructor for Caregiving Essentials, Donna brings a thoughtful and considerate presence to online discussions, provides a wealth of resources and information, enables participants to advocate for themselves, and makes lasting connections with others. Both individually and with co-presenters including Dr. Zachary White and Dr. Samir Sinha, Donna has developed and presented informative and interactive live sessions for Caregiving Essentials, Short Courses, and the SHIFT festival (SOCRATES project). She is skilled at developing and maintaining partnerships and has connected the course to diverse contacts within the caregiving space and thus enabled the course to reach over 700 participants. At this time when caregiving plays such an important role in our lives, it is a distinct pleasure to recognize Donna as the leader and educational innovator she is.

Donna Thomson
Donna Thomson

Erin Smyth

It is our privilege this year to present the McMaster Association of Part Time Students (MAPS) Centennial Award to Erin Smyth. This award is presented to a student who has overcome adverse circumstances to attend university.

While Erin was working as a full-time pharmacy technician at a Toronto hospital, Erin experienced a life changing event in 2015 when she was diagnosed with a permanent disability. The decision to give up her career and seek a new direction was at first disheartening. Eventually, Erin chose to go back to school and further her dreams of helping people in her community and the world at large.

Certain events then led Erin to register with a surrogacy agency through which she was introduced to Kevin and Ray, a wonderful couple from Norway. As surrogacy is illegal in Norway but not in Canada, Kevin and Ray were seeking an unselfish and kind person who would, without compensation, dedicate two years to bringing a child to life for a couple across the world. The answer to their quest was Erin.

On May 19, 2019, a beautiful, healthy little girl was born. This event coincided with Erin’s completion of her Addictions Care-worker Diploma. Her deep love and desire to help others, especially members of the LGBTQ community, distinguishes her within the McMaster family. Erin has now been accepted into an undergraduate degree where she will continue thrive.

A Graduate’s Voice - Tyson Dimayuga

I was an experienced banking professional in Manila before moving to Toronto in the summer of 2016. In September 2016, I started my Certificate in Business Administration part-time online program with McMaster Continuing Education. Later that year, I landed a full-time job in one of the major banks.

Like most newcomers, I had my fair share of challenges settling in. At that point, I was juggling studies, work, and adapting to my new home. Initially, I found online learning more challenging. As an adult student, I was more accustomed to an in-person, more traditional teaching style. However, my instructors and the user-friendly online platform helped me adjust to this new learning approach.

The program gave me an understanding of the Canadian business landscape and organizational structures. I also credit my course work with improving my analytical and communication skills, which I applied in the workplace. When I finished my Certificate program in 2020, I reassessed my professional goals and decided to further my studies to earn a Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing, again with McMaster Continuing Education.

While studying, I took on the role of a digital content volunteer at the YMCA in the Greater Toronto Area where I currently develop blogs and online posts focused on newcomer settlement and job search strategies. My volunteer work allows me to apply the practical, real-world knowledge I learned from my strategic marketing communications and social media marketing courses. I can proudly say that my McMaster Continuing Education programs have helped me to excel professionally and contribute to community building.

I wanted to share my story with aspiring adult learners, especially newcomers wanting to pursue continuing education, to show them how learning and career goals can align with each other. You can connect with academic advisors and people working in your desired field which helps you gain insights into your targeted professional roles.

McMaster Continuing Education programs deliver quality courses and offer flexibility. The programs allow you to expand your knowledge and skills while enriching your personal and professional development. The instructors’ real-life teachings and experiences equip you with relevant and up-to-date learnings. The flexibility in schedule and program delivery enables you to balance your personal, social, and professional responsibilities without sacrificing your continuing education goal.

This year, I am graduating from my second McMaster Continuing Education program; this is a testament to the idea that continuing education is attainable by establishing goals and perseverance. If I can do it, so can you. The lifelong learning journey is challenging yet rewarding.

All the best to everyone. Thank you, McMaster Continuing Education!

Continue Reading
Tyson Dimayuga

Congratulations from your Instructors!

Dr. Mary Megali

Congratulations Class of 2020!  You have pushed through the obstacles and come out on top.  I know each and every one of you has what it takes to be a leader. 

Tarek Nasr

It is my absolute pleasure I have accompanied you during your exciting learning journey in McMaster, and now to be with you on your graduation day. Congratulations and I wish you a very successful future. 

Elizabeth Wood

Congratulations Graduates! I hope you never stop learning and seeking knowledge and that you continue to push forward to achieve all of your goals. Be proud of all that you have accomplished. I wish you nothing but the best in all that your future holds! 

Charmaine Shaw

Congratulations on your graduation. Approach your new career with courage and conviction. You can do this. 

Grant Fraser

Congratulations to all the McMaster Continuing Education graduates on your achievement. You have worked hard over the last year (or longer) to complete your program and am now ready for the next chapter in your career. Celebrate your success. Well done! 

Generic User Avatar

Lucas Thung

Best wishes in your future endeavours. Congratulations! 

Van Vu

Congratulations on reaching your educational goal! It has been a pleasure to share this part of the learning journey with you. I wish you the best. 

Ernesto Solari

My sincere congratulations and best wishes to each and every one of you on this very special milestone in your professional aspirations. Make sure you celebrate this great achievement with your loved ones since they have also supported you in many ways on this academic journey!  
I wish you find a greater meaning to all the efforts made here at McMaster University -Continuing Education as you grow and develop in your career. 

Generic User Avatar

Kathi McBride-Anderson

Never stop investing in yourself and in your future. Embrace the possibilities of continuous learning and ensure you are a force to be reckoned with, both personally and professionally. Congratulations! 

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To: Natricha Levy Macfarlane
Congratulations on winning the Academic Excellence Award int the Applied Clinical Research Cert program. I record my appreciation and thanks for your leadership and help during the Practicum, the final phase of the program!
To: All graduates from the Class of 2020
Welcome and congratulations to all! We look forward to your continued connection to Mac. Enjoy this moment of accomplishment and celebration.
From: Karen McQuigge, Alumni Director
To: Millicent Smith-Darville
Millicent congratulations on your achievement! I am sure this is just the start of greater things to come. I pray God’s blessings over you for continued success.
From: Sean Ferguson
To: Bikram Virdi
You did it!! We are so proud of you, Congratulations and keep moving forward to the beginning of a new career
From: Harmit
To: Tyson Dimayuga
Congratulations Tyson! You're one step closer to chasing your dreams. You can do it! Believe, achieve and continue to inspire us!
From: Roma Casubha
To: Jacqueline Brayley
Congrats Mom! We’re so proud of you! 🙂
From: Karlee Brayley
To: Marcello Sukhdeo
Congratulations to my brother on this great achievement. With sacrifice comes success. Continue to serve God and do His Will and He will see you through everytime. All the best in your future studies. We love you. Your loving mom Lynette, sister Emily and nephew Liam.
From: Earlene Sukhdeo
To: Wayne Smith
Congratulations! We are very proud of what you have accomplished! Now you can look forward to putting your hard work out in the business world and the beginning of a new career.
From: Clare and Joanne Smith

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